Saturday, 30 August 2008

New Bookshelves

In an effort to make our music room/study/school room more inviting Phil has built some shelves to house all the school books and to make space for an easy chair( when our Ebay settee arrives!). It also means that I have had a sort through our book shelves(yet again), and found a new home for the DVDs.I have been reading quite a lot and making plans for the new school year.
We have Hanah home at the moment and Lydia's friend Molly staying. When I get photos I will post more.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

All Home Again

On Saturday amidst driving wind and rain we drove to the CYC site and collected Lydia and Julia, we hung around to help pack things up, and were very glad to have only a 10 minute drive home rather than 4 or more hours back to Portsmouth!
They had a great time despite the wet weather, and brought home a large pile of dirty washing.We are now back into some kind of holiday routine- revolving around Phil working, Lydia revising(reluctantly!),Julia rowing( getting ready for Regatta) and the Olympics.We are all going to see 'Mamma Mia' on Thursday and have a TOTT trip on Friday to Decoy Country Park.
Hannah will be down for Regatta weekend and Lydia's friend Molly is coming to stay for a few days.

Friday, 8 August 2008


While the girls have been at camp Phil and I took the opportunity to visit Daniel and Hannah in Portsmouth. Phil took Daniel out in the kayak and we all had dinner together at Hannah and Dan D's flat. Lovely to see Han and Dan, and Daniel and Crystal.
We also caught up with friends at Eastney and had the pleasure of staying with Jonathan and Becky.
We left Portsmouth on Tuesday and drove to Folkestone where we had a very pleasant afternoon/evening and stayed in a B&B.
Wednesday morning saw us in Deal for a very sad occasion- the funeral of John Kelly, a friend and colleague of Phil's. He was taken ill and died very suddenly from a rare brain illness.He was only 46 and has children of a similar age to Daniel and Hannah
Our thoughts and prayers are with Wendy,Sam and Jade.

Oh Dear!

I have just realised that it is rather a long time since I last blogged. Phil is putting me to shame, but my excuse is that he has a camera and I don't(yet!). I have been promised one for Christmas/ my birthday and am looking forward to entering the world of digital photography.We said farewell to Richard and Sam on the 30th July and then kicked into 'packing for camp' mode! We deposited Lydia and Julia at CYC on 2nd August. I'm sure they will have had a great time even if the weather has been a bit dodgy.We go to pick them up tomorrow, and Phil has volunteered to help pack things up, as they have to be off the site by 12 noon. I just hope the girls don't lose anything- Lydia has come home minus items in previous years.