Wednesday, 27 January 2010

New Kayak

Those regular blog readers will know that last August I had my yellow Easky 15 stolen from the top of the van in Tesco's car park in Poole.So in the interests of simplification we have sold two of our three kayaks and bought a Dagger Charleston 15 for me to go paddling with Phil. It is also small enough for Lydia and Julia to paddle. We plan to join the local canoe club for Julia and Lydia to get paddling some more, and they can use club boats.
The Charleston was bought on Ebay,and rather ironically, Phil drove to Poole today to collect it! Thank you darling!

Dress for Sophia

In planning for Sophia's thanksgiving/dedication service, hannah decided that a new dress was in order! So this is my latest knitting project, and very sweet it is too! I've got until the end of March!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Maybe not as much as some people, but enough for Julia to get excited about and enough to close Lydia's school- although she didn't find out until nearly there! Still- she caught a bus back and will enjoy a day at home.