Monday, 22 February 2010

Half term

We spent a lovely few days with Hannah,Dan and Sophia. Lydia's plans were upset when the singer she was going to see cancelled with a sore throat! But I think she enjoyed getting together with Molly and co.
The rest of us spent time with the Durdins and also caught up with Daniel and Sarah( check out Phil's blog for climbing pictures!)
While in Porstmouth we bought a new wireless printer, so I can finally print from the net-book and Phil can print Sibelius without plugging in to the downstairs printer! I have printed off some more knitting patterns so that when I have finished Sophia's dress I can make her some more stuff! Also bought fabric to make her some summer clothes!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Julia's work blog

In my efforts to be more organised I am trying an idea that others have mentioned- namely a private blog where I set work for Julia to do each week/day. She can also write on the blog, so she can tell me what she has completed each day/week. Phil can also write posts, he does Astronomy with Julez once a week and it also means that he can satisfy himself that she is actually doing something every day!!