Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Birthday present, a bit early!

Those of you who sew will know what a generous birthday present this is! I'm plucking up courage to try it out! And looking forward to making lots of lovely stuff with its help!
Thank you Phil, I love you!
(For those who don't sew it is an over-locker, or if you are American-a serger!)

New look

I found the orange a bit too much so have gone for a calmer look!

Friday, 7 January 2011


We spent a lovely Christmas with the family( not Daniel and Sarah- he was working either side of Christmas Day), Sophia entertained us all! The only downside was that Lydia, Julia and I all had some sort of lurgy in varying degrees of severity, suffice to say that I didn't make it to Church on Christmas morning and it has taken quite a while to feel normal again( if that is possible!). Phil was a tower of strength, over seeing operations!

Happy New Year to you all!
I will try and blog more regularly in 2011!

Visit to London.

During our half term expedition to help Hannah and Daniel move 'Pinafore', Hannah,Sophia,Lydia,Julia and I had a day trip to London.
We visited Covent Garden for lunch and then walked along the embankment to the foot bridge across to Tate Modern. A good day was had by all!

Hoar frost

During the cold weather before Christmas we awoke to a scene of white-ness that wasn't snow, just amazing ice crystals.