Tuesday, 27 August 2013

A summer of sewing!

This summer has been a very productive one sewing wise!
My tally so far is:
Another pair of bubble pants for Isaac and a pair of bubble pocket shorts for Sophia! Isaac's were from some check linen from Ebay and a blue men's t-shirt from Sainsburys, and Sophia's were made from some left-over fabric from Julia's dress!

I must take a picture of Julia in the dress as it is a triumph( if I do say so myself!) It is this pattern which I think is now out of print, I should have checked the position of the cut out before finishing as it is a little low!! We covered Julia's modesty by a white black dotted tulle 'screen'!

The second dress for Julia was from this pattern:

I made view C in a pale blue and white table-cloth type gingham! Fitting the top was a bit of a challenge.
I made view A for Julia last year in a ditsy print and this year I made one for Lydia in black and white gingham with black trim.
For Lydia I made a robe/dressing gown whatever(?!) from a vintage yellow flowery sheet using this pattern:

The end result met her requirements for a cover-up for lounging around her house!

Not to be left out I made this dress from the Great British Sewing Bee book:
I made it from some fabric I bought on Ebay .Brown background with large tropical flowers!
On the mannequin and ironing board is my Cambie, I'm making view A, a narrower skirt made of this:

Phew, that seems a lot!! But I've enjoyed it, and I've nearly finished my Flaming June!!