Monday, 26 May 2008

Bank Holiday Wetness!

I was surprised to see that I haven't written for a week!
Phil complained that I haven't talked about him and his river officer/water taxi work. He is really enjoying being paid to drive around in a boat a few times a week, and doesn't mind being back in uniform at all- Dart Harbour uniform!
Lots has happened recently and I think each one needs a separate post really. We have just got back from a weekend trip to Margate for my brother's wedding, when we get the pictures I will post them. It was really nice to see most of the family there and the sun shone for all of the wedding despite raining the rest of the time!
An outbreak of Ebay-ing has resulted in an oboe for Phil and an Easky 15 for me (complete with new paddle), a set of double ended knitting needles and a personal trimmer for scrapbooking!
I also now have my outfit for Hannah's wedding- all very exciting!

Monday, 19 May 2008

The Simple Woman's Daybook

My daybook entry has been posted with the date that I saved the template rather than today's date! If you want to know more take a look at
I discovered this blog by followin a link from some one else's blog and I love the idea.
I have't quite worked out the permalink buisness, but I'm sure I will.
On a sadder note Crystal( Daniel's girlfriend) lost her father last monday- she and her family are in our thoughts and prayers.

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Home education

I said that I was going to try and write a bit about our educational efforts!
I find there is plenty of inspirational stuff on the net about home-ed and lots of books to read.
Charlotte Mason describes education as 'an atmosphere,a discipline,a life'. Having left school behind us it requires a real change of mental attitude to resist recreating school in our home!
Unfortunately Lydia's education seems to consist mostly of working towards her GCSEs but being at home means plenty of time for music-singing,clarinet and theory. Having Phil around is very useful on the maths and music front! Starting home education so late in her school life means that there are lots of things that I would have liked to do with her had we started when she was younger. Julia will benefit from our experience with Lydia and I really want her to develop her own interests and pursue them as she gets older. Julia and I have been reading some American history books, and will move on to Australia later, before returning to English history. Julia and Lydia are doing a bit of Latin,when those books are completed, and Lydia has some of her exams out of the way, Lydia and I will do some more in-depth study.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Simple Woman's daybook

FOR TODAY 19/5/2008
Outside My Window... The sun is shining.
I am thinking... about Daniel and Crystal
I am thankful for... the chance to talk to him.
From the kitchen... I can see Shelia busy in her garden.
I am wearing... blue skirt and stripy top.
I am creating... aprons and skirts.
I am going... out in the garden to enjoy the sun.
I am reading... Homeward Bound.
I am hoping... that the weather stays nice for Philip and Syanne's wedding.
I am hearing... Clarinet practice!
Around the house... I feel the urge to rearrange- but not yet.
One of my favorite things... spending time outside.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: get Lydia to finish her assignments before the holiday. Pack for camping.
Here is picture thought I am sharing...Phil and Daniel on Pumpkin.

Christian Aid Week 2008

Christian Aid Week 2008

Christian Aid Week

This week is Christian Aid week. We are off to the church coffee morning in a bit- the proceeds will go to Christian Aid.

On Saturday Julia and I took part in a sponsored walk in aid of Christian Aid. Four and a half miles through beautiful woodland in lovely weather- a real pleasure.

I have tried to add a link from Christian Aid but not sure if it has worked!!
It has! Just click on the above post!

Friday, 9 May 2008

South Pacific

Wednesday saw us in Torquay for the matinee performance of South Pacific! All part of our education! We were a bit surprised by the length of the show but managed to get back to Dartmouth in time for Guides.
Have been inspired by the warm weather and the garden to get some tomato plants, runner beans,a courgette plant and some 'cut and come again' lettuce. If I can remember to water and feed them we should enjoy the produce, it might also encourage the girls to be outside more. Maybe we will get a gazebo and a new picnic table to work outside on!?!

Sunday, 4 May 2008


Having mentioned Phil's birthday painting I thought I had better show you all the framed result!
I should maybe explain that 'Jireh' is a Drascombe lugger ( the second that we have owned- we sold the first to buy a settee!!). Before we ever bought the first lugger someone introduced Phil to the books of Ken Duxbury who(with his wife) took a lugger to Greece, sailed around the Greek islands and then back to England via the canals of France. He also sailed around the Isles of Scilly and some Scottish islands. All this appealed greatly to Phil, so the chance to have a painting of our lugger by Ken Duxbury himself was not to be missed! The painting shows her sailing out of the river Dart past Dartmouth castle.
If we can get a mooring 'Jireh' will soon be on the Dart ready to re-live the painting.