Monday, 24 August 2009

Durdle Door( or is it Dor?)

On the final day of our trip to Dorset we drove to Lulworth Cove, parked in the carpark and then walked over the top to Durdle Door.
We had planned to put the kayaks in the water at lulworth for a final bit of paddling...never mind! Phil had an email from the police saying that they have a suspect, so you never know, I might see my Easky again- perhaps I can still swing it for a new buoyancy aid at the Boat Show in September!! We shall see.


This is most of the woolly loveliness that I brought home with me from 'Fibrefest' on saturday!
FibreFest took place at Coldharbour Mill not far from Exeter.The mill is a working museum which produces some lovely yarn, amongst other things. Phil took me there and then drove back to Exeter to meet Daniel and Crystal for a spot of kayaking with the girls. I had a lovely day and am very pleased with my purchases!

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Rubbish Blogger!

When Phil started his blog I said,'you need to post regularly' and like the efficient person that he is- he does! Unlike me, who is a bit sporadic.
Lots has happened since I last posted.
Lydia and Julia have been to CYC at Strete.Phil and I went to Poole and lost a kayak- although I did paddle round Brownsea Island first.
Our Holiday club Showstoppers has started and most exciting of all- our braniac Lydia got 2 A*s and 1 A in her last batch of IGCSEs. Kingsbridge here she comes!!