Saturday, 28 February 2009


With the spell of warmer weather that we have had (briefly) recently Phil and I have taken the opportunity to be out in the garden.
Phil is building a wall at the bottom of the garden-he is out there in almost any weather, and I ( when warm enough) have been weeding and tidying up generaly- hence the full recycling bin and the bag of extra weeds and prunings!
Once the wall is finished I will start on the flower bed in the back garden.
Phil can't wait to finish so that he can get out sailing and canoeing!

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Birthday wool

For my birthday Lydia bought me a ball of sock wool, and now that Phil's jumper is finished I can start on my socks!

I was given some money by my very generous Mother-in-Law for my birthday. This green wool is what I spent it on! If you read Phil's blog you will have seen his post about our visit to the wool shop in Bovey Tracey. Lovely!

Phil's new jumper.

I have just finished Phil's jumper and here he is modeling it! This is the first thing I have knitted for him for a long time but now I am back into the knitting groove it won't be the last!


I enjoy reading blogs and am always amazed at where the links between blogs take me!
I found a blog about using cloth products for everything not just nappies and shopping bags!?! But at the top was this quote and it made me smile! I think Phil would approve!

Beware of activities that require new clothes.
– Henry David Thoreau

Saturday, 7 February 2009


These photos were taken after our first batch of snow!
We had more and a larger snowman complete with carrot nose!