Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Yarn Along

Joining once more withGinny of Small Things in the yarn along.
I am working on the second fingerless mitten for my husband ( I knit the first for a friend's son, discovered it was too big for a ten year old!!) I knitted him a smaller pair and am now finishing the other pair for Phil. My lovely daughter bought me the Yarn Harlot book for Christmas and I have just finished reading it.

These are the finished objects from my pre-christmas yarn along post- the Amaryllis hat drying over a dinner plate! It looks lovely but was a real brain fryer, the combination of stranded work and dpns was a challenge. Next time I'll do a sweater, or maybe mittens!

And this is the Dr Who scarf, very much appreciated by my youngest daughter.
My next knitting project is going to be for me!