Thursday, 15 May 2008

Home education

I said that I was going to try and write a bit about our educational efforts!
I find there is plenty of inspirational stuff on the net about home-ed and lots of books to read.
Charlotte Mason describes education as 'an atmosphere,a discipline,a life'. Having left school behind us it requires a real change of mental attitude to resist recreating school in our home!
Unfortunately Lydia's education seems to consist mostly of working towards her GCSEs but being at home means plenty of time for music-singing,clarinet and theory. Having Phil around is very useful on the maths and music front! Starting home education so late in her school life means that there are lots of things that I would have liked to do with her had we started when she was younger. Julia will benefit from our experience with Lydia and I really want her to develop her own interests and pursue them as she gets older. Julia and I have been reading some American history books, and will move on to Australia later, before returning to English history. Julia and Lydia are doing a bit of Latin,when those books are completed, and Lydia has some of her exams out of the way, Lydia and I will do some more in-depth study.

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