Saturday, 23 February 2008

Half Term

Half term is nearly at an end! Lydia appropriated the portable TV and has spent most mornings watching in bed after she got back from her paper round!
We dragged them both out on Tuesday for a visit to Dartmoor and a walk up to the Avon Dam.
Wednesday saw Phil, Julia and I at the churh coffee morning, in the evening Julia went to another sleepover. Fortunately when I collected her on Thursday morning I discovered that they had actually slept! Friday brought Phil's new laptop and a wireless connection so he can go online even if Lydia is hogging the desktop.
The new laptop also means that Phil can get on with his music writing, something which we want to plan into our week. He has a medical this week so that he can get a boatman's licence and drive the water taxi,and an application form for ABRSM examiner to fill in- he won't have much free time soon!
We have made contact with a Home-Ed group in Plymouth and plan to join in their activities where possible,should be good!

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