Friday, 10 October 2008

More of the same

Things are plodding on pretty much the same. Lydia's exams draw ever closer and the wall gets ever higher( well not really!)-they are now working on the second row of baskets and Phil is helping with the manual labour- he is not very good at sitting and watching people work!
Julia is back to her usual round of activities, although I'm not sure that the Saturday morning drama is quite the success I hoped it would be,I am trying to encourage her to branch out and make direct contact with friends herself.
Daniel is coming down next Sunday for a few days and the train he catches back to Portsmouth on Wednesday is the same one that Phil and Lydia take to Bristol, we have been very kindly loaned a car for next week so getting to the station won't be such a problem.
Phil met the editors of 'By the Dart'( a local magazine) on the yacht taxi the other day, they asked what he did when not driving the taxi- so expect a piece about 'Phil the Composer' soon!You can't escape fame!

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