Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Julia's Art

One of the things that Julia enjoys doing is painting. There is lady in the US who posts an idea to draw or paint every week. It is called Sketch Tuesday. Julia doesn't participate every week, but here are some of her efforts

A hummingbird

A lady from a Henri Rousseau painting.

A snow boarder.

Home-educating for me is a balance between replicating school( which I am not trying to do) and learning things for learning's sake.
Our day goes something like this:
After breakfast we have family bible-reading and prayers.
Then Phil reads to us- at the moment we are going through church history using a series of books called 'History Lives'.
Lydia is busy revising for her final IGCSEs, so does her own thing, apart from having music lessons with Phil( practical,theory and history), she also runs with Phil.
Julia does some Maths(Elmwood maths Yr 7),English(Galore Park),Bible Study and handwriting practice every day.She does history,geography,science and french once or twice a week as well. I am trying to include looking at different composers and artists every week. She has just started playing tennis with Phil- aren't I grateful for an active husband!!

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