Sunday, 5 February 2012

Visiting Isaac

 We have just come back from a week in Brighton, visiting the Durdin clan, and meeting our grandson Isaac for the first time.
Here is Sophia cuddling Isaac( don't worry there were adults nearby!)
Sophia's new boots!
Sophia breakfasting!
 He is a lovely calm little baby, his big sister Sophia is very loving to him- lots of kisses and cuddles.
The arrival of three extra bodies was more than Pinafore could stand so Hannah and Dan's friends Matt and Jo very gallantly offered to swop living spaces so that the week was spent in a flat and not on a boat!
We are all looking forward to our Easter holiday, in the Lake District, with all the family( including Daniel and Sara- but no dogs!), it will be the next time we see Isaac and I'm sure he will of grown loads!

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