Tuesday, 23 October 2012

(Trying to) Learn to Spin

I spent a day last week at the lovely shop in Modbury that is Hulu, I have shopped there in the past both online and in person, but this was the first time I signed up for a day-long workshop on learning to spin and colour blend.

We started the day by choosing some fibre and then using the drum carder to blend it and make a batt ready for spinning.
We broke for lunch before turning our attention to the spindle! Having had a go once before and also watched Youtube tutorials I had a vague idea of the method! We practiced on some white fibre and ended up with a small skein and then had a go with our own batts! A slightly slubby thick/thin yarn ensued! I have more of the batt to spin before I can knit anything, I am awaiting my newly ordered spindle, this could become addictive! My efforts on the spinning wheel were a bit erratic, I'll try and master the spindle before I think about that again.
We had an excellent teacher in Terri Bate she was great fun and very patient! Will post a picture once I have spun the yarn and knitted it up!

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boatmama said...

You didn't tell me you were learning to spin (probably because I talk too much!)...that's awesome! Very jealous!