Sunday, 27 April 2008

A Busy Week

We have come to end of quite a busy week. Phil had a meeting at church on Tuesday, then we had the AGM on Wednesday! Phil is now a deacon, once again, with two others.He is pleased that the church now has a proper leadership team.Phil had more river training on Thursday then did a stint as River Officer on Friday to cover for sickness. Saturday saw him supposedly walking to Brixham with a friend- but I had to go and pick them up brfore they got there!
Julia has been trying out the small bedroom(she wanted a change) but has now been persuaded to stay in her old room after some remodelling! Phil is going to remove one of the beds, build a new bookcase and repaint. I'll post a picture of the finished room, once it is done!
Phil had to step in for the morning service at short notice- he did a family service with dance, puppets and sword drill! He is also taking the evening service. All in all, a busy week and weekend; perhaps this coming week will be a bit quieter!

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