Monday, 16 May 2011


Last month we bid a fond farewell to 'Jireh', she has only gone to Brixham, so I'm sure we will see her on the river at sometime.
What has that got to do with the title of my post you may ask?and what is Bugari?
Bugari is the maker of Phil's new piano accordion, partly purchased with the proceeds of Jireh's sale.
Anyone who knows Phil could be forgiven for thinking that he already has plenty of piano accordions! But the number had decreased to 1 (well 2 if you count the 12 bass model which the girls asked him to keep in case they wanted to learn!?@?), anyway the new accordion arrived, had its first professional outing at the Dart Music festival and is giving Phil lots of pleasure!

Concentration is essential when trying a new instrument!

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