Monday, 16 May 2011

Ten Tors

Julia spent this last weekend tramping 35 miles across Dartmoor visiting Ten Tors and camping the night on the moor. She was part of a team representing TS Dartmouth and the sea cadets(hence the naval caps!), there were two other teams from  Dartmouth Youth Service, one 35 and one 45. They all did really well and thoroughly enjoyed the experience! The only sad part was that team manager Chris Long and his family fly out to New Zealand on tuesday. Chris worked so hard training the kids and he will be sorely missed. 
Bye bye to the Longs, have a great time in New Zealand!               

Approaching the finish line!

After the medal presentation, a pasty awaits!!

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Jean said...

Well done to all the kids who did the walk, very proud of them all!
Jean Watson.