Thursday, 20 March 2008

Easter is nearly here!!

Maundy thursday today, Hannah and Dan D arrive this afternoon, will be great to see them.
We have had another drain problem and are awaiting a visit from Dyno-rod to get it fixed. It means that all three girls are sleeping in Julia's room!! Should be cosy! I didn't think that it would be covered by the British Gas contract but apparently it is!
We enjoyed our trip to the aquarium, Phil took the opportunity to get some passport photos(a bit scary!) for his ABRSM application so will send that off soon.
His first experience of the river taxi was harder than you would think!He has more training next week and is on the part-time river officer rota until September!Humm!?!
Phil and Lydia sang in Stainer's Crucifixion last night and enjoyed the experience- Lydia is now practicing for Easter sunday.
I rang the estate agent to warn them about the drain and they said at the moment they have nobody wanting to look round.

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