Tuesday, 4 March 2008

The Lighthouse

Friday morning found us enroute to Plymouth! We visited the canoe/kayak shop on the way into the city and spotted a potential repacement kayak for me ( Julia has graduated to the Capri, Lydia is attached to the Manitou, so we need to replace the Blast), we need to keep looking and also sell the Stearns inflatable and the Blast to fund it!!
No takers for the tent in the Chronicle, so we will try on Ebay. Phil's mast climbing harness sold okay. We may try the canoes there as well.
Once in Plymouth city centre we went to the Orange shop and bought Lydia's new phone, a very funky Motorola U9, then Claire's (arrghh!!).
Grabbed lunch on the wayout and headed for Tamerton Foliot and the home of Laurie, Lighthouse coordinator. We were the first to arrive and only one other family turned up so we didn't meet that many people. But it was good to make contact and we will probably go on the Dartmoor hike later this month.
Monday saw us swimming at Totnes- Phil's push to make us do something active every week!

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