Tuesday, 25 March 2008


Easter began for us when we collected Hannah and Dan D. from Totnes station on Thursday afternoon,lovely to see them again! They were with us until Monday when they moved on to Wales to see Dan's grandparents. There was a lot of wedding talk, which was good and I hope helped to get things clearer for the two of them. Having a DIY reception inevitably makes for more work but I'm sure the end result will be great.
Friday found us up at church for the Good Friday communion service, then down to town for the march of witness around the town- there was a good crowd with readings at every stop and 'There is a Green Hill' sung in Foss Street. Good Friday ended with Top of the Town and the children preparing for Easter Sunday morning service.
Phil and I joined Hannah and Dan in town on Saturday morning - a visit to the jewellers to finalise wedding ring plans.We played cluedo after lunch, Hannah and Dan went for a walk and I took Julia to Naomi's for friendship club, while Phil and Lydia went to practice Lydia's song for Sunday morning.She sang 'Hope's Song' from Veggie Tales An Easter Carol.
Sunday morning in church was a great time with contributions from lots of people and lots of parents and family from TOTT- the message of Easter was clearly told!
We had a walk on Blackpool Sands in the afternoon, then home for tea.Phil took the evening service.
Monday we dropped them back at the station and went home to clear up!!!
Back to work tomorrow!!!

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