Sunday, 27 July 2008

Lovely weather!

The sun has been shining down on us for the last few days. Not sure that it will last until the Guides' fundraiser in the Avenue Gardens on Tuesday! Lyn R. and I are helping at lunchtime whie Julia and Naomi do their stint.
Friday saw us at the Flavel with a few of the Top of The Town kids to watch Prince Caspian- very enjoyable, although not sure about the kiss at the end!!!
Both Lydia and Julia took advantage of half price tickets and went to Billy Smart's Circus which was visiting Dartmouth.
Talking of visits- I am writing this as I await Phil and Julia's return from Totnes with our friends Richard and Sam.We met them in the Philippines when we had a day at the Bee Farm while figuring out what to do next. They live in North Dakota. If we make our epic trip to the US next year we might go and visit them.
Next year sounds like a good time to visit Mum and take in some US history- if Lydia goes off to do A levels we will have a couple of years of restrictions on our holiday timings. We will have to wait and see- the van conversion is going to cost more than we thought, so we might not have enough money for a trip next year.

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