Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Getting ready for holiday!

We are off on saturday to the Lake District, taking the canoes with us. My new canoe should be waiting for us at the campsite1 I'm looking forward to trying it out.
We had a trip to Plymouth a couple of weeks ago and bought new spray decks etc.
Phil and I took Julia out for a paddle at Dittisham yesterday- Phil forgot his camera
so no pictures! I have made a request for my own camera for Christmas! That way I can put more pictures on the blog.
Hannah and Dan D. have found a flat on the seafront at Southsea, Dan hopes to move in quite soon but Hannah will stay with Helen Marshall until the wedding.
The sun is shining and it is quite hard to focus on academic stuff!Lydia has nearly finished Maths and RE- once we get back from camping she can get stuck into revision.
I have lots of ideas for Julia , hopefully will put them into practice come September.

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