Sunday, 27 July 2008


On our way back from Hannah's graduation we called in to Calypso Campers to talk to them about converting our van into a camper.
They had examples of their work in the workshops so we could see what they did and we were able to discuss layout options with John, the owner.
Suffice to say it will cost more than we originally thought! But we have now paid a deposit and booked the van in for the work to be done after Hannah and Dan's wedding.
It will be great to have the work done and to be able to camp in the van properly.
We were asked what the van was called- when we tentatively said 'Buttercup' we were told that a T4 is a masculine kind of van. So we have decided on 'Phoebus'.Not sure that everyone likes it but I think we'll get used to it! The name came to mind because of a quotation from 'Romeo and Juliet'
Gallop apace, you fiery-footed steeds,
Towards Phoebus' lodging: such a wagoner
As Phaƫthon would whip you to the west,
And bring in cloudy night immediately.

(Phoebus had a fiery chariot which his son Phaeton borrowed with disastrous results!)

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