Thursday, 26 June 2008

Told off!

Well, not really told off!! It is just that Hannah commented, when she rang tonight, that I haven't blogged for a while!
We seem to have had quite a busy week.Julia and I went to town Monday p.m. and had to rush back for Christian dance club! After thinking that CYC was off, Phil had an email from Elaine to say that the girls can go after all! Huge sighs of relief and many grateful prayers of thanks all round! Forms and deposits have been posted, nothing to do but look forward to camp!!
Well not quite nothing- Lydia still has to finish her maths text book! Then she can revise and do the mock exam when we get back from the Lake District.
Tuesday was another busy day- Phil and I went for coffee on a yacht upriver and only just got back in time for more Christian Dance!
Wednesday saw me helping at Guides and today I visited Lidl!! Can't wait for Sainsburys to open.
Hannah will soon be moving into Helen's house- first she and the boys have to clean the student house! They had better do a good job or they won't get their deposit back! Hannah and Dan have lined up some flats to look at- all very exciting.( Sorry Hannah- some of this isn't news to you!!!)
Tony and Lyn have gone to St. George's hospital in London for Tony to have his heart operation- if it all goes to plan he should be back home on Saturday.

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