Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Back on track!

After a very wet week , a visit from Phil's sister, a trip to Bath for the Home Sevice day conference, Hannah's 21st birthday and the safe return of Lydia, we are back to some kind of normality(I hope)!
Lydia spent half term in Portsmouth with Hannah and shared her birthday celebrations. She also caught up with old friends.
Julia had a sleepover with Naomi and helped me entertain her Auntie, we even had a trip round the harbour courtesy of Phil.
Julia and I took the train to Bath and really enjoyed the conference, although in different ways! Julia made friends to play with and I always appreciate meeting other home-eders and hearing from them- particularly those who have been on the road a lot longer than us. i even met a lady whose blog I read, you see bloggers are real people!

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