Tuesday, 10 June 2008

The sun is shining!

Yesterday afternoon found us aboard Jireh, making for Newfoundland Cove, just outside the river. Lydia and Julia took it in turns to be at the helm on the way down the river. Once we got there we all donned swimming costumes. We had the beach to ourselves .Phil, Lydia and Julia all swam in a slightly chilly sea! But I stayed dry! Julia and Lydia then had a go rowing the dinghy once we had returned to the mooring.
Today is sunny again and we are off to Torquay to sort out the mortgage( yes, the Pumpkin money has arrived!) and do a bit of shopping.
Julia is making muffins for lunch and Lydia is nagging for a go on the Nintendo- Julia now has Cooking Mama 2 ! I think Julia's efforts with real food will be appreciated more!
Lydia's IGCSE work is keeping on track, won't be long until November and some of them will be over and done with-hurray.

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